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Purchasing a pedometer to accurately monitor your workouts can be confusing because of the number of models on the market. In addition to the different kinds of models, pedometers also have a vast array of features that can help track your workouts correctly. At Pedometers USA, we make selection easier by giving our customers pedometer ratings to help them choose the best pedometer for their needs and stay on top of their fitness regimen.

Many of our customers first browse the best selling top rated pedometers. Here you'll find pedometers from manufacturers such as Omron, Pedusa, Fitbit and many more. Narrow your search by price, color, features and activity type. If a best-selling pedometer doesn't suit your needs, look at the pedometer ratings for other high accuracy units. Search for top rated pedometers with multiple functions like distance, time calories, memory and many other features. You will also find ratings for downloadable pedometers that come equipped with software allowing you to track the workouts of multiple individuals on your computer.

Not looking for a complicated pedometer? No problem! PedometersUSA.com also has ratings for basic units that track steps only with few added features. All pedometers are guaranteed to perform well and help you optimize your workout for success.
High Accuracy - Best Selling
This section contains our Best Selling, High Accuracy Pedometers
High Accuracy - View All Models
This section contains our entire selection of High Accuracy Pedometers
High Accuracy - Multi Function
This section contains High Accuracy Pedometers with Multiple Functions, like Distance, Calories, Time, Memory and More.
High Accuracy - Steps Only
This section contains High Accuracy Pedometers with very Basic Functions. Steps Only or perhaps Time of Day added.
High Accuracy - Downloadable
This section contains High Accuracy Pedometers with download capability do you can track your progress.

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