Omron Pedometers

Omron Pedometers
Omron is known for making quality healthcare products for both home and medical use. It is no surprise that their pedometers are among the most accurate available. Omron pedometers feature advanced dual axis and tri axis designs that can accurately measure movement no matter how the pedometer is positioned. Advanced Omron pedometer models also feature web based solutions that allow the user to upload data and track results over time. This makes an Omron pedometer a powerful fitness training tool.

At Pedometers USA we offer a variety of Omron pedometers to meet your needs. The Omron HJ113 has the same GOsmart dual axis sensor and similar features in an easy to read unit.

More advanced units such as the Omron HJ720ITC and the Omron HJ323U feature tri axis technology that can accurately measure movement from a pocket, purse or backpack. These units also feature additional onboard memory for storing data. You can also back up data to Omron's fitness website and access it at any time from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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