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Wrist Pedometers

For those who always want their fitness data within reach, we offer pedometer watches. These advanced fitness watches can track your steps and distance right from your wrist. There is no need for a separate step counter or belt mounted device, everything is built into the watch itself. These wrist pedometers are great for joggers or runners who may be wary of a clip mounted design. Your fitness data is easy to read and always secure.

Our Garmin Forerunner series wrist pedometers use GPA to accurately track how far and how fast youíre moving. These advanced designs can help you accurately assess your activity without any complex setup. Just strap on your wrist pedometer and youíre good to go. Garmin units can also use Garmin Connect to store your data digitally so you can track fitness progress over time.

If youíre serious about fitness, then consider a wrist pedometer. These accurate digital devices will keep you on track no matter what your personal fitness goals are. Shop our entire selection today and receive free shipping on your order!

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