Sound familiar? Well, you’re probably not alone at this crunch time of year. So as your frantically scanning all the ads from the papers. Getting callouses on your fingers from scrolling or clicking around on your smartphones or tablets, and still not coming up with that one gift that seems just right? Well, why not slow down and think this whole process through a little bit.

Every year thousands of people run around shopping for loved ones and friends, trying to find that “just right gift” but instead some settle for a “Chia-Pet”. Now not that there’s something wrong with giving a gift like that, but it sometimes is the latch ditch effort of, “I’ve got to get them something kind of gift”!

Well, like we said, why not think about this a bit. This year like in the past few, people are getting more aware of getting their bodies into better shape so they can be around a bit more, right? So why not make this year’s gift one that can help them to achieve that goal.

How about getting them a Pedometer? Now you might think you had a sweater or a Keurig in mind. But keeping warm with a sweater or having a hot cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate is not going to help their heart, not by a long shot. Think about it. The gift of health is one gift that can still have an impact throughout the whole year and years to come for that matter.

This is the kind of gift that can take care of the whole family, especially if a nice Christmas card is included with a nice sentiment penned by you, expressing that you gave them this gift because you care about them and want them to be healthy and live a long active life.

Now with giving this kind of gift, you can also choose to be involved with motivating the receiver of the gift, by letting them know you are available to act as their cheering section as they begin their journey to a healthier lifestyle. You can tell them that they can share their weekly accomplishments with the family group, especially if they are separated by distance. Doing this and interacting on a weekly basis, will not only keep them concentrated on accomplishing their goals, but will act as a way for you to keep in touch more with family members, by comparing everyone’s progress.

Now a great accurate pedometer that can do the trick for you as a gift is the Pedusa PE-771  Its very accurate and won’t give false readings, and it can be worn vertically on a belt or kept in a pocket. Either way, it will keep track of their steps, distance walked and calories they burn up while they’re moving along. They can even set up their target goals. And the nice thing about your giving a gift like this is that you probably will be with them when they open it, so you can help them set it up with the easy to follow directions.

Now, this is just a suggestion, but when you consider all the benefits your family and friends will get out of using a gift like this, doesn’t it make sense to give the gift of helping them get healthy instead of that sweater, over-sized remote, or that clay plant growing container??

Happy Holiday Shopping, from the gang of Christmas Elves here at!


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