Looking for a new, fun, and rigorous exercise to do? Cycling is a sport that is growing in popularity across the nation, and its unique way of not only exercising but helping to benefit certain parts of your body is one of the main reasons why many people are starting to embrace it. Looking to learn more about cycling and its benefits? Grab your Garmin Edge Cycling computer, your helmet, and get ready – because PedometersUSA.com has all the ways this fun sport is going to be your new favorite work out.
It’s good for your muscles – Whether you feel it or not, when you’re out on your bike you’re using a variety of different muscles and making them stronger. This counts for your core, your legs, your arms, and your heart too! If you’re not necessarily feeling the burn from cycling but still want to measure your success, the Garmin Edge Cycling computer can track metrics like your distance, calories burned, and how long it took you to complete your workout. That way, even if you’re not feeling that burn in your muscles, you’ll know that cycling is benefiting you in a variety of ways you can’t feel yet.
It’s cardio that puts the least pressure on your joints– When you’re an athlete, your joints are everything so taking care of them should be one of your top priorities. Even though certain forms of cardio like dancing, running, and playing certain sports are all great for your body, they can be harmful to your joints over time because of the amount of pressure they put on them. However, cycling is one of the only forms of exercise that puts the least amount of stress on your joints because of the even distribution of weight across your bike. If you still want to get your heart rate going but want to preserve your precious joints, cycling is a great option.
Cycling helps to raise dopamine – This goes with any type of exercise, but it has been shown that cycling produces more than most sports. Many different studies link the scenery of cycling as well as the increased heart rate to the elevated levels of dopamine when out on your bike. Perhaps you want to increase these levels even more when you’re cycling. The Garmin Edge Cycling computer can help you map out the most scenic route possible, while still allowing you to reach your full athletic potential when you’re out on a ride.
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