5 Great Fitness Bands for the WaterSummer is in session, and the pool parties have been in full effect. Beach parking lots are jam packed, and others are having to park further away and hike to the closest lake. While we think that’s a good thing, as it promotes more walking, we also know that you’ll be getting a great workout in the water. If you didn’t know, the swimming pool, lake, and ocean are amazing workout tools. Next time you decide to take on the water, grab your fitness band and see exactly what you can do in the water. Here are 5 Great Fitness Bands for the Water:

Garmin Swim Watch
Take a dip with the Garmin Swim Watch. Garmin Swim is ready to go right out of the box – just tell it the size of the pool you’re swimming in and begin your workout. Its sleek profile allows it to cut right through the water, so it won’t slow you down. And you can easily replace the battery yourself whenever needed (about once a year), instead of sending it in to the manufacturer – so you’re always ready to go.

Garmin Forerunner 920XT Multisport GPS Watch (Black Blue)
The Garmin Forerunner 920XT Multisport GPS Watch is a multisport watch that’s perfect for swimmers too! Whether you’re training at the pool or out in the open water, Forerunner 920XT captures detailed swim metrics, including distance, pace, stroke count, stroke rate and SWOLF score. The drill logging feature allows you to easily log swim drills and kick sets at the pool, and the 2 types of rest timers keep you pushing off the wall on time. Use time alerts to help you hold your pace, or distance alerts to let you know when a set is over. There are even alerts for calories and stroke rate.

Suunto Ambit3 Sport GPS Multisport Watch (White with Heart Rate)
Track your heart rate while swimming with the Suunto Ambit3 Sport GPS Multisport Watch (White with Heart Rate). Whether you’re pushing your limits on the trail, on your bike or in the water, Suunto Ambit3 Sport GPS watch is your invaluable training tool to become the best you can be. Track and analyze your performance to progress. Connect your watch wirelessly to your iPhone and use the free Suunto Movescount App to adjust the watch on the go and visually enrich, relive and share your experience to make every move count. Heart rate in swimming requires the Suunto Smart Sensor.

Garmin Fenix 2 GPS Watch (Special Edition)
The Fenix 2 isn’t just for outdoor fitness; special feature sets help swim training and skiing too. Borrowing from the Garmin Swim, Fenix 2 tracks your distance, pace, stroke count and more. You just tell Fenix 2 the size of the pool you’re swimming in and begin your workout. Ski-Board mode puts speed, distance, vertical drop and an automatic run counter (with Auto Pause for the lift line) and more at your fingertips. You can even use your Fenix 2 as a glove-friendly remote, via ANT+, for the VIRB and VIRB Elite action cameras.

Polar V800 GPS Triathlon Watch Black with Heart Rate
The wait is over – swimming metrics is now available in the Pool swimming profile in Polar V800! You can add the pool swimming profile to your sports list in Flow. Swimming metrics lets you analyze each swimming session and monitor your performance in the long run. When using the Pool swimming profile V800 measures your time, distance and speed, counts strokes per minute, gives you a SWOLF score and identifies your swimming style during your session. You’ll also get heart rate information and accurate calorie consumption if you wear a H7 heart rate sensor. Afterwards you can analyze each part of the session based on your swimming style and view duration of rest periods in Flow. Swimming metrics works at its best with adult swimmers whose technique is at a sufficient level.

Now the heat is more than enough reason to hit the water. Physical health is an even better reason. Get out there and take a dip in the fountain of youth.

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