Only a FEW Days Left!!! Till our “Reviews Contest” is History!!!From the best reporting pedometers like the Fitbit One Activity Monitor and Sleep Tracker (Black), That keeps you on the right track of meeting your fitness goals 24 hours a day. If your looking for the most accurate step counting technology, then Yamax is the brand for you. This Japanese brand is known for creating some of the most highly accurate pedometers around, and with their simple no frills design they are one of the most popular digital pedometers. The accuracy of Yamax pedometers is so highly regarded that the DigiWalker pedometers have been used around the world for fitness research studies. strives to provide you with the latest in health related products available on the market at a great price.

Since we constantly promote our products via internet marketing, we have found, like anything else, word of mouth seems to get the best results. With an eCommerce based website, the ‘Word of Mouth” we look for is “Product Reviews!” We are always happy when one of our customers take the time to rate our products on their performance and also with the interaction they have with our store and staff in placing an on-line order. That is why we have for the first time, created a contest that will reward you, our customer when you place a product review in our store. We appreciate your helping us to spread the word about our great line of health related products, because we believe we have the best product offerings and at the best price.

See our Contest information below. But don’t wait, this contest ends on May 31st. with the winner being announced on June 1st.

Only a FEW Days Left!!! Till our “Reviews Contest” is History!!!
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To enter, simply visit the product page of any item you have purchased and click on “write a review.
Once the reviews are entered, we will randomly be selecting one person, who submitted a review from 5/19/15 thru 5/31/15. The winner will be selected on June 1st and notified that they have won the $200.00

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