25 Reason You Should Exercise!Physical fitness is one of the biggest leading trends today, and just about everyone is taking part. Not only am I seeing millions of people in my age group working out on a daily basis, I’m also seeing a climb in the amount of seniors exercising. Quite honestly, there are plenty of them out performing the younger guys! Let’s not forget about the children. Between schools including fitness in everyday activities, parents encouraging their young to move, and even people like Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move’ program, the youngsters today are getting fit. However, there are still plenty of people who just cannot find the motivation to get moving. Well, we hope to change that. Here are 25 Reasons You Should Exercise!

1. Needless to say, working out encourages stronger muscles

2. Because exercise promotes a stronger immune system

3. Exercise can help you lose weight

4. Need an energy boost? Exercise covers that too

5. Exercise can reduce your risk of some types of cancers

6. It will also improve your heart’s health

7. Working out is a confidence booster

8. Exercise can also be brain food

9. If you’re trying to fit into that dress from high school, working out is the answer

10. It simply makes you feel good

11. Strengthens your bones and joints

12. Need to learn discipline? Physical fitness can do that as well

13. Sleep better at night

14. It can be very inexpensive

15. You can use it as a way to network

16. Or hang out with friends

17. Take advantage of a better “core”

18. Benefit from lower blood pressure

19. Moderate exercise is a great stress reducer

20. Increase your stamina

21. It motivates others to workout

22. Improve your overall breathing

23. Reduces risk of arthritis

24. If you’re an athlete, physical fitness can help you become a better player

25. Yes! Exercise can improve your sex life (For those who wanted to know.)

Now that you know why you should exercise, find what motivates you and get off the couch! Run, skip, jump, or do pushups! Whatever you do, get moving.  

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