Fun Family Fitness IdeasMaking exercise a habit can be as easy for some as drinking water. For others, it can be a challenge. When we think of it like this, we have to imaging how hard it can be to get children motivated to adopt a fitness routine. Of course, as the parent you can make them workout with you, but who would really enjoy something that they were forced to do. Let’s look at some Fun Family Fitness Ideas we can all enjoy.
The average person loves taking a dip, especially on a hot summer day. Swimming gives you a great full body workout. In addition to this, it’s a calories scorcher, but is very easy on the joints and bones. If you wants to spruce it up a bit, try adding in a little bit of water aerobics. Of course, the children may not be ready for these routines yet. However, they tend to try to emulate what they see their parents do.

Jump Rope
Think back to your childhood and image all the fun you had jumping rope. Double Dutch was many people’s favorite. What you didn’t know was that you were giving your body an amazing workout, and burning tons of calories at the same time. Get the kids together and compete to see who can last longer.

Freeze Tag
Now when you first think of freeze tag, the last thing you think of is exercise. However, to play freeze tag you’d be required to run. Running, as we know, is a great form of exercise and is great for burning calories. Outfit your children with a iBitz Powerkey Activity Tracker for Kids, while you wear the Ibitz Unity Wireless Activity Monitor and see how many steps they take in playing a game of Freeze Tag.

Getting down and dirty in the yard not only makes your home more appealing, it gives you a great workout as well. After all, squatting down, digging up dirt, and pushing that wheel-barrow forces you to use your muscles. Let’s not forget that gardening also requires a little bit of walking and stretching as well. Make it fun by turning it into a challenge of some sort. Perhaps, the person who plants the most new flowers gets a free back rub from the loser.

Ever hear of the saying, ‘Take a hike?’ Well you really should. This allows you to get a great workout, while enjoying time with your family and friends. This simple activity promotes a full body workout, while enjoying the views you will see along the way of your hike.

Fitness does not have to be a chore. In fact, fitness should not be a chore. Make your workouts fun and get the children out there with you and promote and encourage fitness.

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