The warmer weather is here, and the pools are opened for the season.  While many people are taking a dip to simply cool off, many others are using the pool to get their workout. The benefits of swimming are huge and can even provide a boost to your running and exercise routines.

Here are 6 Ways Swimming Can Help to Improve Your Run:

Achieve a Better Pace
Swimming is a great way to teach runners to pace themselves, at a consistent pace that is required for swimming. Swimming encourages a rhythmic breathing, which causes good pacing skills. Grab your Garmin Swim Watch and test your pace.  Keep track of your results and push yourself a little more each week

Reduce the Risk of Injury
Swimming is a very low impact exercise. The kicking movement in the water helps the ankles and hip flexors to become more flexible, which lowers the risk of injuries to the ankles, knees, feet. Swimming can also assist with building lower body strength, which can heal muscle imbalances.  Swimming or just plain being in the pool is great for our seniors as well. Since it offers a slight resistance, while providing buoyancy while your in the water, its a great medium for anyone to do some stationary aerobics. The buoyancy and resistance are the best combo to offer a person looking to be mobile a good place to start.

Build Upper Body Strength
Because it is fairly common for runners to have weaker upper bodies, swimming would be a great way to balance out your workout, as it promotes upper body strength. Swimming strengthens the shoulders and muscles located in the upper back. This helps runners to improve their balance and stride control.  

Increases Flexibility
Running has the ability to make your muscles tighten. Taking a swim after running can relax those muscles, causing them to loosen up. This practice can also help to improve your balance.  Plus a slow swim can provide the proper wind-down to a strenuous running program. 

There are many similarities when you look at the required rhythmic breathing patterns for swimming and running. Swimming longer distances with a good technique should already have your patterns regular and rhythmic. This will also be displayed in your running, and you will notice the results as you increase your runs.

Swimming has the ability to get your blood moving, raises your heart rate, boosts your lung capacity and burns calories. Improved cardiovascular offers many benefits to runners. Finding the appropriate pace while swimming can ensure maximum cardiovascular benefits. Partner yourself with a Polar V800 GPS Triathlon Watch and track your pace, distance, calories burned, and more, along with the option of selecting the Heart Rate Monitor version it gives your heart rate even in water with a comfortable hybrid transmitter.

Do your body a lot of good and get out there and take a swim. Of course, before beginning any new fitness routine, you’d want to be sure to speak with your physician first. So, what are you waiting for?  Go Dive Right In !

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