Why is a pedometer your best friend?We’re stepping into spring, and fitness is number one on the agenda. We’re going to grab our pedometers and we’re going to walk, walk, walk. Why are we grabbing our pedometers? How else will we know if you’ve reached your 10,000 steps? Aside from counting those steps yourself. A pedometer can do so much more. Pedometers are not just your friend, but they’re your best friend. Plenty of people can’t live without them, and millions more fall in love with them once they learn their benefits. So, Why is a Pedometer Your Best Friend?

Count Your Steps
Pedometers are a great tool to monitor the amount of steps you take in a day. The suggested amount is said to be 10,000 steps or 5 miles. Hitting the 10,000 mark usually has benefits like more energy, improved health and fitness, less stress and better sleep. This is a great reason to break out your Garmin Vivofit Fitness Activity and Sleep Tracker and get to stepping.

Using a pedometer while walking can be a motivational tool. Quite often, we check how many steps we’ve taken we try to make it a mission to walk more next time. More steps encourages weight loss, improves flexibility, lowers blood pressure, and more.

Eliminates the Guessing Game
Pedometers take the guesswork out of measuring a workout, and “steps per day” has become accepted as a standard unit of measuring daily exercise.

Confidence Booster
Walking is a great way to lower blood pressure and lose weight. Usually, this weight loss heightens confidence. Using a pedometer will usually encourage you to continue going out there and walking towards your goals, boosting your confidence.

Boost Your Immune System
Of course, the pedometer itself doesn’t do this. However, it does encourage it. Because walking is required to use a pedometer, it is a great tool to use to boost your immune system. Walking is one of the best exercises you can do, and a boosted immune system is usually the result. Still need more reasons to use your Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Monitor?

Increase Physical Activity
Those who use pedometers are usually more active than those who do not use them by approximately 2000 steps, or about 1 mile of walking each day.

Lower Blood Pressure
According to researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine, those who use a pedometer not only benefit by losing weight and an increased physical activity. These individuals also see improvements in blood pressure. If you suffer from hypertension, grab your HRMUSA Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor and make a note of it. After a few weeks of walking do another check and compare your data.

The benefits of using a pedometer extends much further than I can put down here on a single entry. You will also benefit from stronger muscles, a better body chemistry, and even improved heart circulation. Step into fitness this spring by starting off on the right foot.

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