7 Tips to Spring Clean Your Health HabitsSpring cleaning our home is usually the normal thing to do during this time of year. However, often times we need to Spring Clean our Health Habits as well. This allows you to enter the new spring season, healthy, refreshed, and ready for what the world has to offer. Here are 7 Tips to Spring Clean Your Health Habits:

Get a Physical
Unfortunately, only about 20 percent of Americans get a yearly check-up. Make sure that you get yours. You may look and feel just fine, but it’s vital that we keep tabs on things like blood pressure, cholesterol, and vitamin deficiencies before designing a workout program.

Create Goals
The easiest way to reach a goal is to create one. Saying “I’m going to workout more in the spring” is flying blind. Create reachable goals so that you have something to work towards. Give yourself time to contemplate where you would like your fitness journey to lead, and move forward from there.

Clean Out Your Pantry
Remove all unhealthy junk foods, as they will only tempt you. While you’re at it, donate sugary, salty, or high calorie snacks to local shelters or food drives, remember, only unopened packages please .

Go Shopping
Sometimes a couple of new outfits is just the spark of confidence you were looking for to get up and get moving. There’s just something about a new outfit that puts you in a more positive mental state.

Try a New Sport
Sometimes we need something new in our lives. Trying a new sport can be very inspiring. Not sure of which sport to try? Try a few. With so many fitness activities out there, I’m positive that you’ll find one that you love!

Workout With Family and Friends
Studies have shown that people who workout with a buddy are more likely to stick with their exercise routine than if they were to do it alone. Partner up with a family member, neighbor, or other friend and schedule a weekly workout together.
No wonder you haven’t found your fitness motivation. You’re listening to last years playlist. Add a fresh workout playlist to get you going. I hear many people love Beyonce’ in theirs!

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