5 Health Benefits of LoveMany of us have just one more day until we’re lucky enough to receive our Valentine’s Day gifts. Unfortunately, from watching social media and just listening to people around me, it seems that love isn’t in the air for many. It almost seems as if people today, have written Cupid off, without knowing just how beneficial receiving a token of love can be. Aside from being one of the biggest four letter words in my vocabulary, love can also be a miracle drug. Check out these 5 Health Benefits of Love:

Physically Fitness
Studies have shown that almost half of the individuals who exercise alone usually quit their programs after one year. However. Two-thirds of those who work out with a loved one stick to it. Even more impressing, men and women both usually exercise up to 15 percent harder when partnering with a romantic interest.  Try scheduling in a little gym session with your love this Valentine’s Day, followed by a healthy lunch and see how amazing you feel after.

Healthy Immune System
Studies have shown that love can possibly bolster your immune system. In a study performed by Ronald Glazer and Jan Kiecolt-Glaser, couples were put under observation during arguments. Couples who showed the most negative behavior during the fights also had the largest decline in immediate immune system functioning, while those who argued in a more loving and positive way showed an increased immediate immune function. Effectively talking and listening to each other is the first way to enforce positive conflict resolution.

Stress Reducer
Love is known to bring about many positive emotions, including laughter. It’s a very powerful antidote to battle stress, conflict and pain both mentally and physically. Research shows that loving acts, neutralize the kind of negative emotions that adversely affect immune, endocrine and cardiovascular functions. Being “in love” allows us to accept another person’s influence and assistance, which according to relationships expert and researcher John Gottman, is a big predictor of marital (and relationship) success.

Love Keeps Us Young
Who doesn’t want to be younger? Or at least feel that way. Loving couples not only look after their bodies more, but that they also benefit from the physical and emotional effects of sex, often times causing them to look up to 10 years younger. Sign me up!

Love Heals a Broken Heart
In New York, couples that are happily in a loved filled relationship, are three times more likely to survive heart surgery. The study suggests that being in love can be just as advantageous as quitting smoking, staying at a healthy weight and reducing high blood pressure. Similar finding were also reported by the University of North Carolina, who say that being in love and expressing your emotions had a positive impact on cholesterol.

So this Valentine’s Day, enjoy the day with your significant other, spend the day together and put into practice the above mentioned tips and you will be surprised at just how much you can, enjoy the day!

Have a Happy and Safe Valentine’s day!

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