10 Ways to Reduce Holiday StressThe holidays have their way of bringing out the best and worst of the season. In addition to gift giving, family time, and holiday parties, you can also look forward to that little nagging thing called stress. It may seem like you can’t catch a break, much less relax this time of year, but allowing yourself time to deal with stress is essential if you want to get any kind of enjoyment out of the holidays. This is why we bring you 10 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress:

1. Give a Gift to the Household
Bundling your gifts together takes away the anxiety of having to purchase individual pieces for everyone in the home. Perhaps purchasing your sister and her family a television for their new home is a good idea now. Everyone in the household benefits, and you’ve saved yourself time, money, and stress!

2. Expect Holiday Havoc
Shopping can be draining during the holiday season. With everyone out shopping for gifts, or trying to get the last of those “special” items, it’s easy to get caught up in the mayhem. Make this time a family venture. Rather than focus on the gift itself, focus on the time spent with the family. It’ll make the shopping experience more delightful.

3. Refrain From Family Fights
We all have those two relatives who just can’t seem to get along. If there is currently strife within the family, save the “talk” for after the holidays. During this time, everyone’s energy is usually high, along with their stress level. Not to mention some family get-togethers include having adult beverages present. Combine this all together, and you have a recipe for disaster. Remember tis the season to be “merry”. Simply enjoy the best of these holiday moments with your loved ones. Allow any issues to wait.

4. Stick to Your Regular Workout Routine
Don’t try to make up time by eliminating your daily workout. Exercise is an effective form of stress relief. Eliminating it could cause yourself unnecessary exhaustion and added worry. Instead, enjoy holiday treats in moderation and focus on reachable fitness goals. If you want to add some extra calorie burn to your regular cardio, try some high-intensity interval training. If you really want to gauge your workout, try adding a Garmin Forerunner 910XT Multisport GPS Training Watch into your routine.

5. Take a Day Off 
The best time to shop is normally in the middle of the week, during normal business hours. It’s during this time that you find less clutter. Schedule a day off from work during the week, and use this time to take advantage of simply shopping, without the holiday crowds tumbling over each other or stepping on your toes at checkout.

6. Walk it Out
Walking has a tranquilizing effect on your brain. It also reduces anxiety and improves sleep. Aim for a brisk, half-hour walk every day. Don’t forget to strap on your Polar Loop Activity Monitor to keep track of your progress.

7. Laugh, Laugh, and Laugh More
Laughing like crazy reduces stress hormones. It also helps your immune cells function better. Surround yourself with anything that you find amusing. This is a guaranteed way to keep holiday stress levels to a minimum. If you find it hard to laugh, then smile!

8. Gift a Massage
Who can’t use a massage? Studies show that individuals who received massages had fewer medical woes and less stress than those who received rubdowns. A great idea would be to buy your partner a Massage Session for two. This allows both of you to relax and embrace the calm together.

9. Turn up the Music
My go to remedy for stress is music. Whether it’s Classic Rock, Pop, R&B, or Hip Hop, listen to what makes you feel good. Research from the University of Maryland shows that hearing music you love can relax blood vessels and increase blood flow. Music not only calms you down, but is good for your heart as well.

10. Try Yoga
Yoga reduces stress and improves strength, flexibility, coordination, circulation and posture. It can possibly even reduce the frequency of asthma attacks. Yoga is also a great way to wake up on a cold morning or unwind after a long day. Roll out your Aurorae Classic Yoga Mat, and relax like never before.

The holidays are meant to be enjoyed. Make sure you do everything in your power to make that possible. Don’t be afraid to think of yourself during this time. After all, you deserve to give a gift to yourself as well.

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