You’ve probably already know what to do but it’s now time to practice what you know.  How do I get that healthy heart?   Simply by leading a healthier life style!  According to Nieca Goldberg, MD, medical director of New York University’s Women’s Heart Program and author of Dr. Nieca Goldberg’s Complete Guide to Women’s Health.

Small, steady changes in your life mean a stronger, more efficient heart. “More than half of heart disease is preventable, and studies have shown that 90% of heart attacks in women can be prevented,” Further, the latest study in Archives of Internal Medicine shows that women who eat loads of veggies, fruit, whole grains, fish, and legumes; drink moderate amounts of alcohol; exercise; maintain a healthy weight; and don’t smoke have a whopping 92% decreased risk of having a heart attack compared with women with less healthy diets and habits.

Other advantages come into play!  “So many things we can do to help our heart, like quitting smoking, eating more fiber, and moving more, also help other parts of our body, including our bones, colon, lungs, and skin,” Goldberg says. This is a win, win solution for you.

Before you begin, know your numbers!  Make an appointment with your physician to have your HDL or “good” cholesterol, LDL or “bad” cholesterol, total cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, weight, and body mass index (BMI) numbers checked.  Make sure your physician confirms that you are in proper shape to start exercising to begin that healthier life style!

Key in on your triglycerides: Shoot for a level of 150 or lower.  Most people are aware of the good and bad cholesterol, but it is also important to target your triglycerides. They are a better indicator for high risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Triglycerides are also much more responsive to lifestyle changes than other types of blood fats. Your triglycerides can drop 30% to 50% just by reducing saturated fats and reducing your weight.

Join the health minded people of today to commit to living that healthy lifestyle now.  Commit to taking that morning and or evening walk and to help keep you on track and monitor your results, take along with you, one of our most popular pedometers under $25.00!  Keep a daily log of your distance and see how it will grow and you will be on the way to gaining and maintaining that healthy heart!