Young Woman Working OutAs the weather heats up, it’s important to keep up on the dos and don’ts of outdoor fitness. This week we’ve got 4 basic rules that will help you stay safe all summer long.

Rule number one. Hydrate. Yes, it’s that important. In the summer we lose a tremendous amount of water through perspiration. That means fluid intake is of the utmost importance when engaging in prolonged physical activity outdoors. Drink water after you complete an activity, even if you don’t feel thirsty. It’s important to replenish lost fluids and maintain a proper salt balance in your body.

Stay Cool
Try to keep as cool as you can. That means scheduling your serious workouts for the cooler parts of the day. Try to get your sweat in at day break or wait until sunset. These times of day are generally cooler. This can be especially important if you live in a particularly hot place.

Cover Up
Sunscreen should be a part of every outdoor workout. Apply sunscreen to cool dry skin 30 minutes prior to your workout. This ensures it is absorbed into the skin. For intense physical activities, a sweat proof sunscreen works best.

Dress the Part
Consider your workout clothing options before heading outdoors. For hot days, it’s best to wear a moisture wicking fabric that will pull sweat away from the body. Lighter colors will also keep you cool in the heat of the day. Choose bright hues if you plan on walking or jogging near busy roadways.

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