woman-and-bicycleIf you have a loved one or a close friend who is celebrating one of life’s milestone occasions, you may find yourself searching for the perfect gift. There are few things that offer the rewards that come with good health, and getting someone started on their own health journey is a gift that will surely continue giving.

Below you will find a list of gift ideas that promote healthy living through exercise. If the person you’re shopping for is even the least bit adventurous and fun loving, you’re sure to find the perfect gift idea right here.

Gym Membership
Buying an introductory gym membership is a great way to help someone get in shape. Gyms typically feature all the equipment needed for total body transformation, along with professional trainers that can help anyone become more fit. Depending on the gym and the length of the introductory contract, this gift could be rather expensive for some.

A walking pedometer is an inexpensive way to help someone get out and get moving. Pedometers calculate the distance a person walks. Studies continue to show their effectiveness as a motivator. People enjoy setting and breaking personal records, or challenging people to friendly competition.

The bicycle is considered by some to be the greatest mode of transportation. If you can motivate someone to ride a bicycle rather than drive an automobile, even for short trips you will not only save them on gas money, but promote a healthier lifestyle.

Yoga mat
A good yoga mat is a great gift for someone who wants to be healthy. Yoga promotes healthy body functions as well as increasing flexibility and range of motion. A yoga mat works well at home, but can also be the perfect companion for a local yoga class.

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