heart shape by various vegetables and fruitsWeight loss cannot be achieved with a pedometer alone. While walking is great exercise, it’s a healthy diet that will help you lose the weight. The hardest part about losing weight is overcoming the urges to snack. Nobody likes to feel hungry, so we found a better solution. Instead of cutting out snacks entirely, pick snacks that are healthy and can hold you over until your next meal. Dieting is about making good choices, not about starving yourself.

Roasted Nuts
Nuts are a great snack choice, especially if they’re unsalted. Nuts are little power houses chocked full of vitamins and minerals. The best part is, their protein helps us feel full longer.

Frozen Popsicles
It’s amazing what a blender and popsicle mold can do. Make fresh fruit fun and refreshing by creating iced treats you can enjoy anytime. Combining ingredients like blueberries, kiwis, watermelon, mint leaves, or pineapple juice you can create countless flavor combinations. Simply blend a fruit puree and add seltzer water or yogurt (depending on your style) and freeze!

Buy it or make it. Whole grain oats are great for you, and granola is one delicious way to deliver it. If you purchase a granola mix, look for one with dried fruit instead of candy pieces. Your waistline will thank you.

Celery and…
Celery may not be the first thing you’re hankering for, but in terms of calories, it’s practically invisible, that means you can dip it proudly. There are plenty of nutritious dip options available to you. From peanut butter to hummus, no matter what you choose it’s filling and you can eat it on the go.

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