pedusa-cr-786-tri-axis-downloadable-multifunction-pocket-pedometer-2One of the greatest motivators for personal fitness comes from setting and achieving personal goals. With downloadable pedometers it’s easy to see your daily progress and get a better idea of how to set personal goals. Unlike traditional pedometers that only count your steps downloadable pedometers save information and allow you to view it on a personal computer.

In addition to counting steps, downloadable pedometers also track calories burned. This gives users an even more accurate indication of how active they are on a daily basis. When connected to a computer, these pedometers can show past data collected over previous days. This information shows progress over weeks or months so you can see increases or decreases in activity levels or calories burned.

Many of our downloadable pedometers function on a multi-axis movement tracker, which means they can give accurate readings from your pocket. There’s no need to wear it on your hip, so all day activity tracking is a breeze. It’s never been easier to keep a close eye on your daily fitness goals and ensure successful results. Just grab your pedometer and hit the road. At the end of the day just connect it to your computer and view your results.

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