heart shape by various vegetables and fruitsSo you’ve got your pedometer, you’re exercising regularly, you’re trying to lose weight, but it doesn’t seem to be working as well as you want it to. Many people forget that a healthy diet is the most important ingredient to successful weight loss. Without proper nutrition, your workouts will have difficulty yielding the desired results.

One of the biggest culprits to sabotage our weight loss attempts is snacking. Eating unhealthy snacks may seem harmless, but over time these calories add up. Here are some tips for choosing healthy snacks that will help curb your hunger without sabotaging your weight loss.

Start small

Choose snacks that are under 100 calories but provide your body with essential vitamins and protein. Even something as simple as a spoon full of peanut butter can curb your hunger and boost your energy!

Go Natural

If you’re craving a crunch, go for some crisp fruits and veggies rather than potato chips or pretzels.

Grains are good

Granola bars are a good alternative to candy bars. Their nuts and seeds contain protein which is perfect for suppressing your hunger.

Low fat options

If you enjoy dairy product, opt for low fat or no fat alternatives. Switching to skim milk or nonfat creamer can add up over time. Even low fat cheeses and yogurts taste the same as the whole fat versions.

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