Young Woman Working OutIt’s important to keep your workout routines exciting. If you repeatedly do the same routine not only can it become boring and make it difficult to stay motivated, it can also work against your weight loss goals. By repeating the same movements over long periods, your body begins to adapt and burns less calories doing the same amount of activity. That’s why it’s important to spice things up by creating variations in your workouts. Spring is the perfect time to add new activities into your fitness routine like jogging or cycling.


By incorporating short intervals of jogging into your daily walks you can burn more calories and build up your endurance to jog longer distances. Before long you can alternate between walking days and jogging days. Best of all, jogging requires no additional equipment just your pedometer and a good pair of shoes!


If running or jogging is hard on your knees and joints, recreational bike riding is a great way to burn more extra calories with less impact on your body. With a variety of bicycles on the market there is one to suit every riders comfort level and riding preference. Adding a bike ride or two into your weekly workout routine is sure to make your spring work outs more exciting.

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