Set goals - motivational reminderWhen it comes to living a healthier lifestyle people often overlook the importance of goal setting. Nothing happens in an instant. It’s not as though healthy people simply flipped a switch and became healthy overnight. They worked hard at it over years of their life. One of the main things these people have in common is the ability to set and achieve goals. If a healthy body was their main goal, they got there through a series of steps, each of those steps, a smaller goal on the way to the big one.

Learning to set and achieve goals is one of the most important life lessons one can learn in the pursuit of success. It is the backbone of success itself. The real key to successful goal setting is learning the right way to set goals.

When setting a goal make sure it is attainable. While earning a million dollars this year may not be in the cards, you can always set a goal to save an extra $1000. If you reach that goal and you get excited, set a goal of saving $2000. Before you know it you’re in the habit of saving money, spending smarter, and with any luck you can work your way to that million. You just have to take it one step at a time.

With fitness, goal setting comes in many forms. For example, you can pledge to go a half-mile further each day. If you keep it up, you can cover distances you once though impossible. Another goal can be burning a certain number of calories, by using a pedometer or a heart rate monitor you can see them after each workout and raise the bar when you’re ready.

This same philosophy holds true with diets too. Don’t think you have to go al healthy overnight. Set achievable goals like, adding one more serving of fruits or veggies into my daily diet, drinking more water each day, or avoiding soda. By setting small goals we can make big changes though incremental steps. After a time, when you turn around to see where you began the journey, you’ll surprise yourself!

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