WintertagThings can get pretty bleak in the dead of winter. The days are short. The sun barely seems to shine. Everybody acts a little grumpy as they muddle through their routine. It’s enough to give anyone a case of the winter blues. Luckily, we have some great tips to get you smiling, and if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll even see spring on the horizon.


There’s nothing like a great workout to take your mind off the fact that you have to shovel your car out in the morning. Exercise is proven to release chemical compounds in the brain that are associated with pleasure and positive mood. In addition, it stimulates your body’s metabolism to help you keep off that winter weight. If you add an activity tracking bracelet into the mix you can motivate yourself to burn more calories, log more time, or break old records.

Celebrate the Sun

Because the sunbeams can be few and far between in winter, you should try to soak them up every chance you get. Whether you go outside for a short walk, choose window seats in a restaurant, or hit the slopes for a day, getting a healthy dose of sunshine and vitamin D can be all it takes to turn your mood around.

Eat Right

People tend to make poorer dining decisions during the winter months. Perhaps it’s just our desire to hibernate like bears and wake up when the weather gets warmer. In any case, making healthy food choices and taking daily vitamins can lead to improvements of health and mood that can surely shake the winter blues.

Get Out More

During this time of year, after the holidays are over, people don’t go out as much. They may choose to spend time alone, or just stick close to home. This can be bad news for people suffering from seasonal depression. By not going out and engaging with people socially, people dwell on their negative feelings and sink into a rut.

Get active