Fitbit Aria Scale

The Fitbit Aria Scale 










If you’ve taken your fitness to the next level, then it’s time you took your scale seriously too. Using the Fitbit is a great way to track your weight maintenance progress, but the Fitbit Aria scale is a wi-fi wonder that gives the user even more excellent features and functionality. In addition to tracking your weight, the Aria scale tracks body fat and body mass index. The Aria scale can upload data directly through your wi-fi connection to your Fitbit dashboard. This allows you to see charts and graphs based on your performance to help you plan your next steps. You can also receive badges to spur your motivation.

The last 16 measurements you make are stored within the Fitbit Aria scale, and the unit can automatically sync with your Fitbit Aria software to monitor your meals, water intake, weight, and workouts so you can get an accurate picture of your overall health quickly.

With up to 8 multiple user profiles, the whole family can join in the fitness fun and you can easily chart weight goals, weekly stats, achievement alerts, graphs, and more with the Fitbit Aria software.

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