pedusa-pe-771-tri-axis-multi-function-pocket-pedometer-17If you’re just starting out with a pocket pedometer and tracking your fitness is something new for you, these beginner’s tips will help you get moving.

  • Make sure your pedometer is secure on your person. Many pedometers have a clip that allows you to fasten the device on your clothing, but even if you decide to use a safety strap, make sure your pedometer is secure while you’re running or walking and positioned correctly.
  • Pedometers generally work best when positioned over the right or left hipbone. Fasten the pedometer directly above one knee at the midline of your thigh.
  • Your pedometer should be oriented straight and vertical. The clip of a pedometer should rest snugly against your body.

It’s important to remember that everyone’s body, and therefore their walking or running posture, is different. You may have to experiment with the positioning of your pedometer to find the most effective place for it on your person.

Most pedometers are considered accurate if they are within 4 or 5 steps of your actual step count. You can always readjust the pedometer and try again. You can also test the pedometer by setting it to zero and walking a certain number of steps. If the pedometer is more than a few paces off, you may want to seek help from the manufacturer.

Pedometers provide an affordable means of tracking your workouts, so get started with your pocket pedometer today!

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