Winter running exercise coupleWith the weather getting colder, many people thinking running or walking outdoors is impossible. While cold weather does definitely throw a wrench into running, it does not make it impossible. All you need to do is follow a few tips and you’ll be able to grab your pocket pedometer and hit the road.

  • Bundle up your feet! This is extremely important. Try to find running with the least amount mesh. Also, be sure you wear socks that absorb moisture but also keep your feet insulated.
  • Layers! This can be a little difficult because you are inevitably going to get warm as you warm. A good rule of thumb to remember is to always dress as if it’s 20 degrees warmer.
  • Wear the right fabrics! This can be considered part of the previous tip, but its importance bumps it into its own category. Find layers in polypropylene, capilene, or, at the very least, a wool and synthetic blend. These will do a great job of wicking away moisture while keeping you warm.
  • Warm-up exercise! A little yoga, some good stretches, or some light jogging will help get the blood flowing and make the cold weather seem not so cold.
  • Change post-run! After you run, your clothes will probably be wet with sweat and, to avoid getting the chills, be sure to change out of your wet clothes and into some dry, warm clothes. Also, try to bring along a thermos with some hot chocolate or tea to warm up your core.

These small tips will help you brave the elements and help you put that pocket pedometer to good use this winter!

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