walking with a multifunction pedometerWalking every day may not let you live forever, but according to an ever growing pool of research it sure can add years to your life. The notion that exercise is the best medicine is not a new one. Since ancient times people have been singing the praises of exercise and claiming it can cure just about anything. Thanks to modern day science and research teams around the world, we’re beginning to find some truth in these claims.

Of all physical activities, walking is the most accessible. It requires no special equipment just a pair of shoes and a place to walk. If you want to keep track of your daily distance logged and number of calories burned you can also use a multifunction pedometer during walks. But even without the aid of a pedometer you can still get plenty of exercise just by getting out there and walking.

Brisk walking is recommended for people who are younger and injury free. These walks should last at least 30 minutes and get your heart rate elevated. This promotes cardiovascular health and offers a variety of benefits to your overall health and feeling of wellbeing. As a goal people should shoot for about 5 miles of walking over the course of a day.

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