Whether you’re training for an event or looking to track how far you walk in a day, we have the biggest selection of the most accurate pedometers anywhere! Take a look at which ones people are using for their walking program or fitness regimen!

Omron HJ303 Multi-Function GOsmart Pocket Pedometer: This is one of our best-selling pedometers with the best rated accuracy! You can keep it in your bag, purse, or your pocket to count your steps throughout the day. It’s tiny enough that you’ll never even know it’s there!

Pedusa CR-786 Tri-Axis Downloadable Multifunction Pocket Pedometer: This small and versatile pedometer can be hooked right up to your computer with ease! Tracking some of the most accurate information available in our pedometers, all you have to do to make this pedometer track your data is plug it in!

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker: One of our most accurate activity monitors yet, the Fitbit Zip is ideal for that person on the go! With its sleek shape and fun colors that are available, who wouldn’t love to have one of these accurate, palm-sized pedometers?

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