quotes-love-wallpapers-wallpaper-best-memes-motivational-photos-1920x1200In order to lose weight you need to work out a lot.
This rumor has evolved from people talking about all the “hard work” it takes to lose weight and get fit, but hard work does not always translate to hard time. Losing weight requires dedication in the form of mental strength. Weight loss is about committing to a healthy way of life and sticking with it. If you can commit to using your walking pedometer for 30 minutes a day, you’re ready to start losing weight. With less than 4 hours of work a week and a healthy diet, you can start losing weight in no time.

You can reduce fat on a particular part of your body by targeting it in your work outs.
This is simply not true. For example, doing sit ups all day will not give you a flat stomach. Working out will help you shed pounds, but there is no way to control where those pounds are coming from. Focusing your workout on certain body parts will help you tone the muscles in that area, but it will not cause the fat to melt away.

Sports drinks are the best thing to drink when exercising.
If you’ve seen an ad for a sports drink, you may think that any time you’re going to work up a sweat you should be drinking a sports drink. The reality is that sports drinks are only beneficial after a long session of cardio or endurance training. Sports drinks are designed to help replenish the electrolytes lost during long periods of profuse sweating. Drinking sports drinks on other occasions just adds extra calories to your diet you don’t really need.

No pain, no gain.
This is dangerously untrue. If you’re doing something that causes pain you should stop. Your body is trying to tell you something. Ignoring pain can lead to overuse injuries, strains, and possible stress fractures. Listen to your body and let it be your guide; just don’t let your inner voice try to convince you to quit. it.

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