With summer weather in full swing in most parts of the country and fall just on the horizon, we know that some of you are just itching to get outside and enjoy it! Why not start a walking program with some of your friends and a pedometer from us? We’ll show you how!

  • Start by asking some of your friends if they’d be interested in walking program in the spring. Set a date, time, and frequency for your walking program.
  • Figure out a great way to get into contact with one another; whether it’s a group email thread or getting a phone tree going to keep in contact about walking times.
  • Start out small by only walking one mile a day for a period of time and working your way up to five or six mile walks. Walking the same mileage every day is boring; mix it up and keep going!
  • Try out different locations and maybe even hike a trail. Don’t stay in one place too long and keep walking!
  • Track your success with a pedometer! Count your calories burned, steps taken, and your distance to optimize your work out!

Have more tips or would like to share your walking program experience with us? Leave it in a comment below. Happy walking!

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