Continuing our look into healthy life habits, we’re exploring the benefits of sleep. When most people think about ways to improve their overall health and well being they seldom consider sleep. Generally people think about eating a healthier diet or getting more exercise. But sleep, as it turns out, is an important piece of the health puzzle.

Did you know a lack of sleep increases the likelihood of succumbing to colds or the flu? It can also lead to a higher risk of heart disease or diabetes. This is because the body uses sleep to regulate many of its physiological functions, from inflammatory response to antibody production. Without the proper amount of sleep it’s harder for the body to run at its peak.

When the body does get enough sleep the positive changes can be noticeable. From increased concentration and creativity, to lower stress levels and higher metabolism, a well rested body functions more efficiently. Perhaps that’s why so much stress is being put on proper sleeping habits in the diet and weight loss world.

The FitBit One is a product that measures not only how physically active you are, but also how long and how restfully you sleep. The makers of this powerful fitness tool already understand how inseparable a good night’s sleep is from an active lifestyle if you want to see lasting changes take place. Perhaps you shouldn’t feel guilty next time you press that snooze button. 


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