Group of FriendsFor many people a standard work day is usually spent sitting at a desk. The simple fact that so much of our time is spent sitting each day can make it difficult for people to lose weight or get in shape. That’s why it’s a good idea to make opportunities throughout the day to get exercise. Walking at work is a great way to keep your metabolism going strong and break up a long day of sitting. Organizing a group of coworkers into a walking club is a fun way to motivate one another and get fit in the process.

The first step to starting a walking group at work is spreading the word. Talk to coworkers and see who’s interested in taking a few minutes out of each day to take a walk. Once you’ve found some interested people, figure out a walking schedule that is convenient for everyone. In some cases you may plan a walk just before or after work; in others you may plan a 15 minute walk at lunch or two shorter walks at different times during the work day. Whatever you choose, it’s important to commit to something everyone feels comfortable with.

Once you’re settled into walking with your group you can begin to motivate and support one another to achieve weight loss goals. You can even bring pedometers into work to challenge one another to daily step counts. In some cases a walking group can even inspire a business to create a health initiative, such as a weight loss challenge. This is a great opportunity for all employees to get involved and get fit. 

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