IMG_1710Walking regularly with your pedometer is not always enough to shed the pounds. When it comes to weight loss, a healthy diet is just as important as regular exercise. That’s why has put together this list of healthy alternatives to help you control your cravings and make better food choices.


Oatmeal with fresh fruit and skim milk

Greek yogurt with fruit

Egg white omelet with veggies

Whole grain muffin and fruit


Whole grain pita with veggies

Homemade pizza with veggies and low fat cheese

Whole grain pasta with marinara sauce & a salad

Grilled chicken sandwich

Baked potato with broccoli

Garden salad with low fat dressing


Baked fish with green beans

Stir fried vegetables with chicken

Whole grain pasta with tomato sauce & veggies

Vegetarian lasagna

Brown rice and beans


Air popped popcorn

Trail mix

Fruit smoothie or fat free yogurt with fruit

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