For those who love to keep tabs on their daily fitness, Polar makes an easy to use Activity Watch. The Polar Activity Watch contains a multifunction pedometer that tracks your daily step count in addition to distance, and calories burned, all in a simple to use watch design. These watches are available in men’s and women’s sizes and offer an easy to use alternative to some of the more complex pedometers on the market.

With a wrist watch pedometer you never have to worry about forgetting to take your pedometer out of your pocket and accidently washing or damaging it. Simply wear the watch all day long to track your daily activities and remove it before bed. The Polar FA20 Activity Watch can also be linked to a computer to download stored data and show your fitness progress over time.

Don’t worry about fussing with a clip on pedometer any longer. Just strap on this activity monitor and hit the road. Whether you walk, jog or run, this activity monitor will keep all your data on your wrist in an easy to read format. These activity watches make fitness fun, help users create realistic goals and make it easy to follow progress during active pursuits.


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