Teachers, are you looking for a way to get your students more interested in health and mathematics? The Fit4Ed Teacher’s Kit is a Pedometer Math Program designed to engage your students with fun fitness activities. Specifically for children in kindergarten through 8th grade, the Fit4Ed Teacher’s Kit motivates your students to get active and makes their schoolwork personal to them.

30 Multi-Function Pedometers come with the Fit4Ed Teacher’s Kit, as well as 30 safety leashes for the units which prevent little hands from dropping the pedometers. The Kit also comes with a tape measure to measure walking strides, and instructions to get you started quickly. A Teacher’s booklet provides you with 40 lesson plans based on using the included pedometers to connect physical activity with learning the fundamentals of math. Daycare centers, babysitters, and even math tutors can utilize the pedometer math program to give children a personalized experience with math and its implications.

Learning math concepts is only one part of the program’s appeal. Getting kids active and out of their seats is an important habit to develop early in life. The games and exercises, as well as having the pedometer, will encourage children to be more mobile and attentive to their actions.


So whether you’re interested in getting your students hooked on math, interested in the benefits of physical activity, or a combination of both, the pedometer math program is a great resource for both living healthy and having fun!