In our high-tech world, sometimes it feels like exercise is behind the times. The FitBit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker changes that. Like other activity trackers, the FitBit Zip tracks steps you’ve taken, distance traveled, and calories burned. The Zip is also small and comes in a variety of fun color options. But what sets the Fitbit Zip apart is its connectivity to your other electronic gadgets and the effects those connections have on your exercise.

The FitBit Zip comes with a USB Dongle which, when plugged into your computer, allows the Zip to transfer data wirelessly to your computer via Bluetooth. You can also sync data directly to your smartphone. Best of all, syncing occurs automatically when the device is within 20 feet of the USB dongle and relatively motionless. So forget hooking up computer cords or remembering to transfer data after your workouts.

Once the data is on your computer or smartphone, you can compare it to previous results to track your progress. But, most importantly, your FitBit Zip comes with a membership which allows you to track your activity, food and water intake, body mass, weight, and more. This allows you to challenge your friends and post your results for them to see. The social interaction and friendly competition help you create achievable fitness goals and surpass them.

The FitBit Zip makes exercising more social, more fun, and more connected to your online life. Our Next Day shipping allows you to have this amazing little device in your hands tomorrow, so what are you waiting for? Start your journey into social exercising with the FitBit Zip now! 

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