How many businesses use ink pens, post-it notes, or keychains as promotional items? Promote your business in a unique way by utilizing our custom imprinting service. Put your business name or custom logo on our imprintable pedometers and give your business an edge.

Unlike ordinary marketing ideas, pedometers offer something different. The person using the pedometer is not only seeing your brand name every day, but associating it with exercise and fitness. If your business is built around being active and keeping fit, this connection becomes even stronger.

Pedometers, being electronic devices, are less likely to be thrown away than notepad paper or empty ink pens. And because exercise is often a social activity, other people may see your brand name or logo and ask about your business. This is targeted; word-of-mouth advertising that is priceless in marketing terms.

Imprintable pedometers are also a great idea for sponsored events and fundraising organizations. But they can be valuable education tools as well. Students can learn about adopting healthy life habits and input their pedometer data into math and science assignments. This “hands on” approach is key to maintaining student interest and getting them involved in both education and fitness.

So whatever your promotional needs require, imprintable pedometers offer an appropriate and unique solution to standard marketing items. Upload your company or event logo, web address, an important date (anniversary, family reunion), or a specific message, and we can apply your personalized text or artwork to our pedometers. Free 1-5 day delivery means you don’t have to wait long to focus your exercising goals. So what are you waiting for? Personalize our pedometers for your own purposes today!

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