It’s that time of year when you decide to follow through on your resolution to get more active. But you know what happens every time you finally make it out to exercise: it’s a grind and you hate it. Mental obstacles are often the most difficult hurdle to overcome for any active person. So to help you get over this hurdle, try utilizing the following tips to make your workout more enjoyable!

Choose a pocket pedometer from our online store. Keeping track of your progress and pushing yourself a little farther each day will give you an attainable (yet flexible) goal to pursue. Our affordable prices make these handy little devices easy to obtain. But maybe you’re a person who doesn’t like running or walking at all, or you don’t find playing games with the numerical information of the pedometer. Keep reading.

If you don’t want to be worried about the pedometer numbers directly, try playing inventing some little games in your mind while you exercise. Count the houses on your street, the different type of trees or flowers you see, or the number of sidewalk blocks. Make a note of the birds you see as you move past, or take a tally of the different colors or makes of cars on your exercise route. After you’ve occupied your mind with these distractions, consult your pocket pedometer. The chances are that you ran farther than you would have if you hadn’t been making a game of it.

So stop making exercise a chore, and start having fun while you get outdoors and enjoy the spring weather.  

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