Heart Rate MonitorA heart rate monitor is a great fitness tool for anyone interested in losing weight or getting fit. A heart rate monitor allows the wearer to continually monitor their activity level by watching their heart rate. The human heart rate is a great indicator of physical exertion and provides more accurate activity monitoring than a pedometer alone.

Learning how to properly use a heart rate monitor when exercising ensures that the user is getting the most from their workout. It prevents working the body too hard or not hard enough. The idea is to get the heart rate into an optimal cardiovascular range called the target zone. There are several ways to find your target heart rate. An online heart rate calculator is the easiest method.

Once you know your target heart rate you can use it in your workouts. Training with your target heart rate means your body is getting the most efficient cardio vascular workout, without over training or under training. That means more effective workouts and better fitness results. Heart rate training is helpful tool for losing weight or building muscle.

At PedometersUSA.com we have a variety of heart rate monitors that for all activity levels. Whether you’re hiking, jogging, running or biking, we have a heart rate monitor that’s perfect for you!

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