When people typically think about pedometers, the usual association is physical fitness and personal activity, but did you know Pedometers can also teach valuable math and science lessons to children? PedometersUSA.com offers special Fit4Education kits that are designed to teach students from kindergarten to 8th grade lessons about leading a healthy lifestyle as well as working with numbers.

The fun and interactive lessons are a great way to keep children active and teach them the importance of leading an active lifestyle. As the childhood obesity epidemic continues to grow it’s important for educators to find more ways to sneak fitness into the classroom. By giving out pedometers to students and basing lesson plans around them an interactive learning environment is created

The lesson plans in the Fit4Ed kit are design to help students not only stay active, but to build their numbers skills through basic math applications. Exercise becomes part of every lesson plan as children use their own pedometer readings as the basis of their math problems. We hope this fitness forward type of lesson plan becomes more common in the future.

To see our fit4education kits visit PedometerUSA.com today and find everything you need to get your students learning and moving!

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