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Have the Bunny Bring You a Best-Selling Pedometer this Easter

Posted on March 01 2013


With Peter Cottontail hopping down the bunny trail this spring, do you think that he can count the number of hops he takes round trip? Have the Bunny bring you a best-selling pedometer from our store, Pedometers USA, this Easter season! Not sure which one to ask for? Check out some of our best sellers below!

Pedusa PE-771 Tri-Axis Multi-Function Pocket Pedometer: This awesome, highly-accurate pedometer is our best-selling one under $25! Not only does have the number of steps down, but it also tracks your stride, calories burner, and goal settings too!

SM2000 Step Pedometer: This basic but extremely accurate best-selling pedometer counts your steps for you throughout the day! Being extremely accurate and affordable, this pedometer is a steal!
Yamax SW200 Step Digi-Walker Pedometer: This pedometer is awesome for all terrains and light physical activity such as jogging, walking, or hiking. With a one year warranty and a three year battery life, you’ll be sure that this pedometer will do exactly what it’s supposed to!

You’ll be please with a best-selling pedometer from us in your Easter basket! Want to see more of our awesome, best-selling pedometers? Visit our site today at PedometersUSA.com!

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