There are a variety of pedometers available today, each with its own special options and features. Whether you’re a casual walker that wants to keep track of how many steps you’ve taken, or someone who wants to know their daily activity levels, there are pedometers to suit your specific needs. For some people however, a pedometer needs to be more than a gauge for personal activity. It needs to be a training tool.

That’s why offers advanced pedometers that incorporate GPS tracking technology. With GPS it’s possible to accurately track your distance and pace. This makes it the perfect training tool for runners. Because your location is being tracked by satellite, it is possible not only to determine distance, but also average speed and acceleration as well.

Knowing key performance indicators can help you train more effectively. Data can be compared daily weekly or monthly to determine how well you are improving. This data can also help you set realistic training goals and help you stay motivated and on track. Check out our entire selection of GPS enabled pedometers at and find the one that’s right for you. You will never look at your training the same way again!


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