One of the most important things when it comes to getting in shape is goal setting. By setting goals for yourself it give you something to strive for. This is a great technique that allows you to feel a sense of achievement and motivates you to move on to bigger and better goals. In the beginning your goal may be to walk for 30 minutes without taking a break, but as you become more active you need to find bigger goals to shoot for.

One of the best motivators for goal setting is competition. Even if you are only competing against yourself you still feel like you are accomplishing something when you beat a personal best. Charity walk/runs are a great place to set personal records. Many charitable organizations put on public events to raise money. These events can be short mile long courses, 5k courses, 10k courses or even half marathons.

Finding a local event and setting a personal goal of completing a 5k walk for example, is a great way to push yourself further. Once you achieve your first 5k, your next goal may be to do another but complete it with a faster time, or perhaps try your hand at a 10k course. Whatever you choose to do, you are motivating yourself to be healthier and more active.

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