People seem to be talking about the incredible health benefits of exercise everywhere you turn. It’s no surprise that being active is good for your health, but when you consider that almost half of all Americans are living a sedentary lifestyle in which they get no exercise, the question becomes how much exercise is enough to see health improvements?

The answer may surprise you. Many of the health benefits exercise offers don’t require intense workouts or years of commitment. In fact, the simple act of walking can greatly improve your health outlook. No need for a gym membership or marathon miles, just get out and walk at least three times a week and you can begin to see improvement.

Walking as little as 30 minutes each day has been shown to decrease the risk of heart disease, and walking for an hour a day has been shown to decrease the risk for breast cancer and type II diabetes. In addition to the far reaching health benefits, walking can help you lower your blood pressure, reduce stress levels, help you get better sleep, and improve your overall sense of wellbeing.

Using a pedometer to time and track your walks is a helpful way to gauge your personal fitness level. It can help you set time or distance goals and motivate you on your daily walks, in addition to showing you how many calories you’re burning.

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