At we offer a variety of affordable and accurate pedometers from some of the best brands in the world. California based, Accusplit is definitely one of them. Since their invention of the digital stopwatch in 1972, they have been one of the leaders in the health and wellness industry. In 1987 they patented a pedometer technology that made Accusplit pedometers the most accurate pedometers on the market.

Accusplit was also one of the first companies to advocate the 10,000 steps a day wellness program that originated in Japan in 1965. From the start, Accusplit made it their goal to develop quality products and wellness programs. They’ve worked with research teams from acclaimed universities to create 14 activity programs designed to help people get fit and live healthy. offers several models of digital Accusplit pedometers to choose from, as well as the Smart Stepping Educational Activity Wellness Program. Visit our Accusplit brand page today to shop our selection of highly accurate Accusplit pedometers. We’re proud to help Accusplit achieve their goal of adding many healthy years to people’s lives.

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