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The Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

Posted on January 11 2013

If you’re looking for a fun device that tracks your steps, distance and calories burned, the Fitbit Zip might be what you’re looking for. This amazing device syncs your stats to your computer or smart phone to make tracking your activities easier! The Fitbit Zip encourages you to set goals, challenge friends, and push yourself- one step at time. The Fitbit Zip turns your normal everyday life into a social path to fitness!

The Fitbit Zip works as a normal pedometer, allowing you to be more conscious of how active you actually are. This gadget is fantastic for those who work in a sedentary profession and want to see how active they are on a daily basis. The Fitbit Zip comes equipped with a USB dongle that plugs into your computer helping you create a wireless connection between the device and your computer. The Fitbit Zip also allows you to connect to the Fitbit ecosystem, which saves your activity over time for easy research. The Fitbit Zip is more than a pedometer, it’s a tool that can improve your lifestyle and help set and achieve fitness goals! The Fitbit Zip allows you to track your daily activity, sync your data anytime, anywhere, check your progress and make fitness fun! The Fitbit Zip encourages you to get up and go.

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