Most people tend to really focus on and ramp up their workouts when it comes to holidays like Memorial Day and the 4th of July because those are unofficial benchmarks for summer and showing off a lean, toned body. A holiday like Valentine’s Day, wedged between cold and more cold pretty much anywhere you live on this half of the world, rarely gets an attention for fitness and working out. But I think it’s the perfect holiday for giving yourself the gift of exercise. Taking care of yourself instead of just your kids or spouse for once. But just in case you’re not into the love-your-body, love-yourself stuff, it’s still A- OK to put emphasis on the physical side of things. Like the saying goes, summer bodies are made in the winter.

Here are 8 Valentine’s Day themed workouts:

Bootie Lovin Workout - Complete each circuit 2-3 times before moving on to the next
15 squats
30 Glute Kickbacks each leg
30 Donkey Kicks each leg
20 Ball Hamstring Curls
20 Plie Squats
20 Ball Hip Extensions
Heart Healthy KettleBell HIIT
Note: Do Each Two Mins.
Stair Repeats
Step-Out Swings
Stair Repeats
Squat Lunges
Squat Rotators
Gunslinger Lunges
Stair Repeats
Push Press
Stair Repeats
Spider Drags
Stair Repeats
For My Valentine with Love
Burpees x 20
Barbell Overhead Squats x 15
Barbell Curll to Failure
189 Degree Turn Jump Squats x 20
40 Crunches - 40 Reverse Crunches
Barbell Glute Bridge x 20
Pistol Squat to a Box or Bench x 15
Aba - Daba-Do -- Abbs
Do 50/10 intervals or 20 Reps of Each 
Russian Twists
Mountain Climbers
Forearm Plank
SweetHeart Workout Lower Body + Abs
Complete 10-12 Reps of each Set 3 times through
Leg Presses
Standing Weighted Side Crunches
Barbell Squats
Decline Crunches
Barbell Deadlifts
Stability Ball Roll-Ins
Heart Racing Tabata Workout
20 Seconds Work, 10 Seconds Rest, 8 Rounds of Each Exercise before moving onto the next
Jump Squat Forward once, Backward twice, Repeat
Donkey Kicks Side to Side
Push Up to Burpee
Plyo Lunge Jumps
Bridge Tricep Kicks
The RedHot Valentines Day Routine
Pull Ups 25
Barbell Deadlift 50
Push-Ups 50
Box Jumps (Weighted) 50
Leg Raises 50
Circuit Workout
Warm Up 5 Minutes Cardio of your Choice
Circuit 1
Overhead Tricep Extension - 14 Reps
Squats 10 Reps
Weighted Kickbacks 10 Reps Each Side
Weighted Crunches - 14 Reps
Repeat 3 Times
Circuit 2
Overhead Press - 14 Reps
Lunging Bicep Curl - 10 Reps Each Side
Plank Kickbacks - 10 reps Total
Leg Lifts - 10 Reps
Repeat 3 Times

So pair up with your significant other and tackle these Valentine’s Day workout themes, but don't let it end on Valentine's Day!  The purpose of this is to committing to these workouts all through the year and you can do them together, now isn't that a better idea then just a box of chocolates??

Here is another idea you both might want to consider,  don’t forget to take before pictures of each of you, so you can look back on the awesomeness you both have achieved!

The majority of this topic was taken from a post made by Heather Neal with thanks