Yes its that time of year again, the beginning of December means that Christmas is not too far down the road. The question everyone has is, just what am I going to be giving this year as a special Christmas gift? A lot of us have a hard time deciding on just what we want to give, family and friends this time of year. Yes, we want it to be something they like, something that they can use and something that does not get a trip back to the “Return’s Department” of the store you purchased it from.

Since your reading this post from our site,, you should be actively pursuing a lifestyle of being as fit as you can be. And since you’ve already taken the pledge to get yourself in better shape, why not try to give the gift of fitness to your friends and family? Now we don’t mean going out and getting everyone a gym membership to one of the local fitness locations. No, we mean helping your family and friends find a way to be motivated to be more active and physical, just like you have become.

Research has shown, time and again that providing an incentive for accomplishing a goal goes a long way in helping you to achieve that goal. A great gift for you to give your family and friends is a fitness tracker. Since your giving a gift to your family and friends who may not be in best of shape, a pedometer is a great way to help them get started on a healthier lifestyle.

One such type of pedometer that can help motivate them is the Yamax EX-510 Power-Walker Multi-Function Pedometer  Each of the number of steps, calorie, fat burn, distance walked and activity time is stored in memory for 30 days which allows you to keep track of your progress and make sure that you are hitting your goals each month. Giving this gift of fitness motivation will help your family and friends each to work towards their own goals on their way to being fit. In helping them to be motivated to continue along that fitness path, you can also Imprint their Names  on the Yamax EX to make it their own.

So, there you go, maybe this little pocket pedometer can be the perfect gift for you to give. After all, wouldn’t you like your friends and family to feel as good about themselves as you do now that your fitter and healthier?

Merry Christmas from your friends here at!

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