Well, spring is here and summer is knocking at the door. In fact, if the truth be told, the 4th quarter is already on your mind, so how does your bottom line look? If you’re like many companies that value your employees, you probably provide some kind of health care benefits for them. 

But look, it’s 2017 and the rising cost to the company of providing those health care benefits is proving to be a big chunk of the P&L statements, right? Well, if you’ve been talking to your health care reps, or taking a serious look around to find another company that can offer you a better deal, while still providing decent healthcare benefits to your employees you may be in for a surprise to know that if you can help reduce your employees, absenteeism, and also reduce their trips to the doctors for prescription meds. And it's trackable, you can possibly see a much lower health care check going out each quarter to your contracted, provider.

Most medical insurance plans allow for a lower medical plan, cost basis if your employees have a track record of being healthy. And if your company provides incentives so that your employees work to get fit and stay healthy as well. How can you do this? Well, most insurance companies have programs available for companies to roll out to their employees to get them in better shape. And if they get in better shape, then they not only will miss less work, making them more productive, but they will be seeing the doctor or pharmacists less thus saving your company money associated with your health plan.

One of the easiest ways to motivate an employee is to offer them a reward for reaching a milestone. Remember the gold watch given out after say 25 yrs. of service? Well to help your employee reach their goal to living a healthier life, maybe some extra paid vacation time. Making it worthwhile for everyone to get motivated, say starting with 3 days, to a week, then two weeks of paid time off. Naturally, this would be laid out with rewards based on reaching a set of milestones. Say losing 10lbs would get you 1 day off, 15lbs 2 days off. 20 lbs, 3 days off and so on, you get it. Naturally, this would all be laid out for them and you to track. But it has to be fair so instead of lbs, you may want to say a decrease in their BMI (Body Mass Index) where they actually lose body fat over a set period of time.

Now a great way for them to measure how they are doing is to give every employee an accurate pedometer from https://www.pedometersusa.com One that can track their steps on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. One that the data can be downloaded so they and you can easily track their progress and when they start hitting the wall, you can offer encouragement.

Now think on this, a company is always looking to gain public exposure at as low a cost to them as they can, right? How many businesses use ink pens, post-it notes, or key-chains as promotional items? And seriously, who isn't tired of getting a beer cozy as a company gift! Think about promoting your business in a unique way by putting your business name or custom logo on the pedometers, you will be giving your employees for their "Get Fit" incentive program.  that you will be handing out and give your business an edge.

Unlike ordinary marketing ideas, pedometers offer something different. The person using the pedometer who is your employee, once they get started they are motivated to use it and believe us, they talk about their new healthy lifestyle with their friends and family members, so their friends and family members, are also seeing your brand out there every time they mention how well they are doing on the company health program. Besides getting your employees

Besides getting your employees in better health, which will save the company money, this is also targeted; word-of-mouth advertising, that is priceless in marketing channels!.

So, go ahead and speak with your insurance rep. and get your company on board to getting healthy, now, and as a continued new lifestyle. And why you’re at it, don’t forget about YOU, the BOSS, taking part in this healthy walking program yourself!... After all, leading by example will go a long way to getting the troops falling in line if they see the boss taking part as well.


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