Now that Labor Day is officially over, for some of us, so is the summer season, regardless of how hot it still is here in the northeast! That being said, were you happy with the way your body looked this past summer or were you constantly saying to yourself that I’ll get to that exercising later so that I’ll be looking pretty good in a few weeks. Well, those few weeks are long gone, and you just might still be sporting that little volleyball around your middle. Not exactly the look you were counting on showing off way back this past April, now was it?

You can procrastinate about your being too busy to tackle getting in good enough shape for the summer season of 2018, but everyone knows, including you, that anything worth doing is WORTH DOING! So, while the stinging feeling is still present in your aura, why not turn this feeling of letting yourself down to one of using this feeling as a wake-up call? After all, Labor Day of 2018 may be over, but you can set yourself an achievable goal of making sure you will turn a few heads next summer by working the rest of this year and into next year up till Labor Day of 2019 to achieve that Beach Body Presence you only imagined yourself having!

Yes, the time is now to prepare yourself to get in shape. After all, with Labor Day behind us, the cooler Fall temperatures are bound to make themselves felt, no matter how hot and humid it still is now at the beginning of September. (It’s really been more than oppressive this year!).

What you can do is to make your fitness resolution now, since fall is the sweet spot for elevating your heart rate. Milder than the summer, when it's so humid that catching your breath feels like sucking air through a warm washcloth; but before the onslaught of the cold weather. When the blanket season does kick into full gear, you're more likely to keep going to the gym if you've made a habit of it this fall, then when the thermometer drops during the winter months when it's more than a little terrifying to venture outside.

This time of year is a great time to re-invent yourself. Do something you like or try something new—like kickboxing, or SoulCycle, or beer yoga—because if you hate or are bored with exercising now, it's not sustainable once it gets colder and darker and you have ample excuses to stop going.

Give yourself a reward that is also something to work towards, like a beach vacation where its warm over New Year's. After all, if you're on schedule, that little paunch you've been carrying around in 2018, should be long gone by then.  Or, if you know you have trouble holding yourself accountable, something that is expensive enough and difficult enough that it will really suck if you aren't prepared, either because you will have to eat the entry fee or will lose control of your body halfway through: like, say, a marathon in Florida in January, even if it’s only a half-marathon. After all, it’s only going to be 5 months, till January is upon us, and it’s going to take some commitment on your part to get yourself in good enough shape to be able to compete respectably in an event such as this. Remember, you will have to go the distance to be able to finish those 12 miles in an acceptable time, and still be standing at the finish line!

Now the above are just a few enticements to get you interested so that you can motivate yourself to transform that volleyball area of your gut into something that resembles a six-pack of lean muscle. But like anything good, it's going to take work and commitment on your part, but your overall goal in making this happen is the reward your gonna be feeling when that summer sun in June starts to beat down on your head and you pull your shirt off and know that you are looking pretty good!

So, if that’s not enough of an incentive to get you moving into a new fitness routine beginning the first two weeks in September 2018 then you might as well just lay back on that couch and dream of what you might have looked like if you had jazzed up your fitness routine.



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